From Venice to Weimar

360° Thursdays Series

Thu., Oct. 17, 2013 · 6:30pm
  • Free Admission (donations appreciated)
  • Fort Howard Hall

From Venice to Weimar: Italian Influences in the Keyboard Toccatas of J. S. Bach
Presented by Dr. Abigail Mace

Join pianist and harpsichordist Dr. Abigail Mace on a musical journey exploring the brilliantly virtuosic toccata. Bach’s inspiration for his dramatic toccatas will be explored as we travel from Venice to Weimar by way of Rome, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Dresden. Enjoy demonstrations of toccatas on harpsichord and piano from each of these cities and discover Bach’s inspiration for his own toccatas including a dramatic compositional style called the stylus phantasticus.

Dr. Abigail Mace

360° Thursdays: music from every angle will present eight events during the 2013-14 academic year. The performances are designed to help audiences connect with music in more meaningful ways. Events feature scintillating and provocative discussions by composers, performers, and arrangers in which specific aspects of the music are explored through multiple perspectives.