Rose and the Nightingale: The Spirit of the Garden

360° Thursdays Series

Thu., May. 1, 2014 · 6:30pm
  • Free Admission (donations appreciated, no tickets required)
  • Fort Howard Hall

Rose and the Nightingale: The Spirit of the Garden
Presented by Jody Redhage, Sara Caswell, Laila Biali, and Leala Cyr

Rose & the Nightingale’s music is lyrical, energetic, and inspiring and features three part vocal harmonies, violin, cello, piano, trumpet, and percussion.  Their latest CD, Spirit of the Garden, was inspired by botanical gardens the world over and the sense of contemplation and connection one can experience in these special spaces. All the lyrics in Spirit of the Garden are poems celebrating the nexus of spirituality and nature, and the ability to connect and feel a part of something greater through open and aware engagement with the natural world.  Lyrics feature the words of living American poets and famous Japanese haiku masters.  Rose & the Nightingale’s performances cut through to a deeper level of human connection through the energy of music.

Rose & the Nightingale

360° Thursdays: music from every anglewill present eight events during the 2013-14 academic year. The performances are designed to help audiences connect with music in more meaningful ways. Events feature scintillating and provocative discussions by composers, performers, and arrangers in which specific aspects of the music are explored through multiple perspectives.