Weidner Center Chandelier

Dale Chihuly

Blown glass, 2004

“What makes the chandeliers work for me is the massing of color. If you take up to thousands of blown pieces of one color, put them together, and then shoot light through them, now that’s going to be something to look at. Now you hang it in space and it becomes mysterious, defying gravity or seemingly out of place. Something you have never seen before.” –Dale Chihuly

The Weidner Center Chandelier was commissioned by the University of Green Bay’s Edward W. Weidner Center for the Performing Arts as a result of extraordinary contributions from family members and friends of Josephine Buchanan Lenfestey, and in tribute to her generous spirit.

Created by artist Dale Chihuly in Seattle, Washington, the colors and shape of the chandelier were designed to compliment the two dramatic Wisconsin Hardwoods oil paintings, by artist Rodger Bechtold, that hang on either end of the Weidner Center’s Grand Foyer.

The Weidner Center Chandelier consists of more than 450 individual hand-blown pieces of glass configured onto a steel armature. The Chandelier was installed over the course of three days in June 2004 and hangs from the Grand Foyer ceiling by four steel cables. The Chandelier measures 12 feet long by 7 feet wide at its widest point and six strategically placed spotlights filter through the glass from above to bring this dramatic work of art to life.

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Weidner Center Chandelier Installation 2004

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