Gown With Pink Vesture

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Gisela Magdalena Moyer

Acrylic and Handmade Paper, 1988

Of East European origins, Gisela Magdalena Moyer lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin and is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. She creates beautiful art with her handmade paper. Moyer particularly enjoys the irony of being a paper artist in an area known for the manufacture of paper products.

According to Moyer, “Handmade paper is a source of constant celebration and discovery. It is a fast medium which allows me to grow as an artist and human being every time I dip my mold and deckle into the vat of pulp. The paper is my tool for visual language. It lets me tell of my memories, impressions, beliefs, dreams and daydreams. It is my source for self-empowerment and healing. Through it I can speak of those things that mean the most to me in my world; family, community, love of nature and the wellness and peace of the world community. This language is implied in symbolism and abstraction and in the power of jewel-like hues, impressionistic embossing and surface painting.”

Gown with Pink Vesture was generously donated to the Weidner Center by Gisela Magdalena Moyer.