A strong and compelling art collection at The Weidner offers the people of Northeast Wisconsin the opportunity to learn more about all art forms, from the finest in music, dance and theatre, to painting and sculpture as well. It gives people renewed incentive to return to The Weidner time and time again, enhancing their visits while they are here and making the Center a true destination for the arts.

The Weidner Center Chandelier

In tribute to the Generous Spirit of Josephine Buchanan Lenfestey from her loving children Lynn Fey, Jim Lenfestey & Jodey Lenfestey and from her admiring friends Bob & Carol Bush, Minnow & Anne Emerson, Phil & Betsy Hendrickson, and Tom & Sharon Lutsey

Wisconsin Hardwoods

By Rodger Bechtold, 2002
Oil on Canvas

Remembering Gary and Jean Weidner

Remembering Gary Weidner (left) and Remembering Jean Weidner (right)
By Mai Wyn Schantz, 2005.
Oil on aluminum

a tale of Ties

By Wendy Carpenter, 2008
Woven Textile


By Luis Montova & Leslie Ortiz

Bronze, 1998

Ordinary fruits and vegetables are made extraordinary in the hands of Luis Montoya and Leslie Ortiz, two artists for whom perfection of technique results in sculptures that surprise the viewer and command attention.

Anytime that two artists work collaboratively, there is a careful division of labor in achieving the final artistic vision. For Luis Montoya and Leslie Ortiz, their partnership is at the heart of every step in the process. Both artists create the models, smelt, cast and grind the sculptures, and work with a chemical patina heated to achieve the desired color. Their monumental bronze sculptures dazzle our sense with the rich color and textural surfaces.

Donated by Dr. David A. Cofrin

Gown with Pink Vesture

Gisela Magdalena Moyer

Acrylic and Handmade Paper, 1988

Of East European origins, Gisela Magdalena Moyer lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin and is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. She creates beautiful art with her handmade paper. Moyer particularly enjoys the irony of being a paper artist in an area know for the manufacture of paper products.

According to Moyer, “Handmade paper is a source of constant celebration and discovery. It is a fast medium which allows me to grow as an artist and human being every time I dip my mold and deckle into the vat of pulp. The paper is my tool for visual language. It lets me tell of my memories, impressions, beliefs, dreams and daydreams. It is my source for self-empowerment and healing. Through it I can speak of those things that mean the most to me in my world; family, community, love of nature and the wellness and peace of the world community. Tis language is implied in symbolism and abstraction and in the power of jewel-like hues, impressionistic embossing and surface painting.”

Gown with Pink Vesture was generously donated to The Weidner by Gisela Magdalena Moyer.

Road Show

By Andrew Arvanetes

Fabricated steel with oxidized and oiled finish, 1992

Solid, industrial, weathered – this large steel sculpture demonstrates strength and the potential for powerful movement. Created specifically for The Weidner, Road Show reflects the artist’s interest in architecture, vehicles and machinery, while making a subtle reference to traveling performances.

Road Show also includes specific reference to the Green Bay community and its history such as wheels reminiscent of the railways, stepped “bleachers” that echo Lambeau Field, and the portholes symbolizing the shipping industry. These are balanced with an almost playful “jungle gym” sensibility and a mirror that invites interaction by the viewer, making it a piece for the entire community.

Artist Andrew Arvanetes describes his works as “narrative vehicular objects” that suggest “movement through time and space.” He hopes that viewers will “transport” themselves into the piece to become participants.

This artwork was commissioned and partially underwritten through the Wisconsin Percent for Art Program. As the state undertakes any building project, two-tenths of a percent of the initial bid for construction must be devoted to a work of art that is integral to the structure. Arvanetes’ work was selected from a competition that included a large variety of artists and media.

The purchase of Road Show was supported by a generous gift from Sharon and Thomas Lutsey in memory of Evelyn Christina Lutsey.