A strong and compelling art collection at the Weidner Center offers the people of Northeast Wisconsin the opportunity to learn more about all art forms, from the finest in music, dance and theatre, to painting and sculpture as well. It gives people renewed incentive to return to the Weidner Center time and time again, enhancing their visits while they are here and making the Center a true destination for the arts.

There are currently six major artworks on view in the Weidner Center:

  • Weidner Center Chandelier
    • Dale Chihuly
    • Blown glass, 2004
  • Remembering Jean Weidner / Remembering Gary Weidner
    • Mai Wyn Schantz
    • Oil on aluminum, 2005
  • Wisconsin Hardwoods
    • Rodger Bechtold
    • Oil on linen, 2002
  • Las Peras I
    • Luis Montoya and Leslie Ortiz
    • Bronze, 1998
  • Road Show
    • Adrew Arvanetes
    • Fabricated steel, 1992
  • Gown With Pink Vesture
    • Gisela Magdalena Moyer
    • Acrylic and Handmade Paper, 1988