Wood Family

Wood Family Organ, A Lasting Memorial

The Casavant Opus 3702 installed in the Cofrin Family Hall of The Weidner honors L.G. and Laura Wood and family. It was a gift of Paper Converting Machine Company, the Lester G. Wood Foundation, and Patricia and Frederick E. Baer.

Quick Facts

  • Chests: EP pitman
  • 68 ranks
  • 3,702 pipes
  • 5 divisions
  • 3 manuals
  • 44 stops
  • 57 registers


L. G. Wood was an entrepreneur, civic leader, and philanthropist who was prominent among those who provided impetus that led to the founding of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. At the University, L.G. Wood Hall honors him. Laura Wood also was active in civic affairs, especially the YWCA, and had strong musical interests.


The opportunity to select a pipe organ for a performance hall of The Weidner’s stature is a rare and rewarding experience. The process of the organ selection began in 1988 when University Chancellor David Outcalt gave the charge to choose an instrument that would best suit the needs of a multi-purpose hall of this size and distinction. A generous gift allowed the organ committee to search out the best. After visits to numerous organ installations and after discussions with several organ builders, The Casavant Frères Limitée organ company of St. Hyacinthe, Québec, was awarded the contract for the new organ. Additional organ committee hours have been spent in working with the Casavant company in designing the 3-manual, 44-stop, 68-rank instrument now standing in The Weidner. The consulting services of Dr. Marilyn Mason, organist and consultant of national renown, were secured to follow through in working with the Casavant builders in technical details of construction and voicing of the instrument. Marilyn Mason inaugurated the instrument to a standing-room only audience on September 19, 1993. We are proud of the efforts made in bring the project to completion and we are pleased to have Marilyn Mason present this instrument to the community.

The committee gratefully acknowledges the gift making possible this magnificent organ from the Paper Converting Machine Company, the Lester G. Wood Foundation, and Patricia and Frederick E. Baer of Green Bay.

As we look to the future, we trust the Wood Family Organ will play a significant role in the musical cultural life of the university, the community, and the region of the upper midwest.

Dean Robert Baure – Chairperson

Ruth Tweeten – University Organist

Professor Arthur Cohrs – Communication & the Arts

Professor Terence O’Grady – Communication & the Arts

Acoustic and Sound Design

The concert hall on the campus of the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay was designed as a multi-purpose auditorium to be used by the university and community for a variety of musical and non-musical events. In concert halls where there is a need to have fly space for dramatic and operatic performances, placing the organ at the back of the stage can cause acoustical difficulties with the projection of the organ’s sound into the auditorium. In Green Bay the solution was found by having the orchestra perform on a thrust stage in front of the proscenium arch. This places the orchestra directly in the hall and permitted the organ to be installed to the right side of the stage in an elevated position from where it not only speaks directly into the hall but also maintains close proximity to the orchestra and other performers on the stage.

The excellent acoustics in this building allow the instrument to speak easily and freely into the large space. The Grand Orgue is based upon a sixteen-foot plenum, which is appropriate for both the size of the building and the use of the instrument to provide a grand sound when played as a solo instrument or in ensemble with an orchestra. The two other manual divisions are enclosed and contain complete ensembles and colors needed for the performance of a wide range of literature. The Grand Chœur consists of a battery of high pressure reed stops and a large Cornet, available at sixteen and eight foot pitch to provide additional power in musical climaxes.

The Wood Family Organ Technical information

  • Three manuals and pedals, 44 stops, 68 ranks
  • Movable drawknob console, compass 61/32
  • Opus 3702, 1993


Grand Orgue
Violonbasse (Ext.)16
Flûte harmonique (common bass)8
Flûte à cheminée8
Cornet III2-2/3
Grande Fourniture II-III2-2/3
Fourniture IV-V1-1/3
Bourdon (Ext.)16
Viole de gambe8
Voix céleste (GG)8
Flûte octaviante4
Plein Jeu V2
Voix humaine8
Récit 16″, Unison Off, Récit 4″
Positif Expressif
Cor de nuit8
Flûte à fuseau4
Quarte de nazard2
Positif 16′, Unison Off, Positif 4′
Grand Cornet VII (MC,from 8’)16
Cornet VII8
Bombarde royale (TC,from 8’)16
Trompette royale8
Trompette royal (Ext.)4
Soubasse 132
Violonbasse (Grand Orgue)16
Bourdon (Récit)16
Flûte à cheminée (Grand Orgue)8
Flûte (Grand Orgue)4
Mixture IV2-2/3
Cornet VII (GrandChœur)2
Contre Bombarde (Ext.)32
Basson (Récit)16
1 Digital